About Echelon

hard-hat-plansEchelon Resources Inc. (ECHELON) is a real estate development firm that manages projects to successful completion by:

  • Conducting site due diligence and structuring business terms.
  • Recruiting debt and equity sources to ensure optimal financing.
  • Managing the capital investment process to achieve project objectives.
  • Coordinating applicable public/private partnerships and incentives.
  • Directing pre-development, construction, and income-related activities.

ECHELON project success starts with a team of seasoned project executives and experienced capital investors.  All projects are completed under the guidelines of the Virginia Department of Historic Resources (or other applicable SHPO) and the National Park Service.

ECHELON projects have won numerous awards and have contributed not only to their respective local economies and business communities but also restored community historic treasures.

ECHELON seeks projects that have the potential for financial success and also create a positive impact on the surrounding community.  To this end, we evaluate numerous project candidates each year.  We welcome any ideas or leads from community stakeholders; please contact us so that we might evaluate a potential project site in your community.