Development Services

Study or office stationaryEchelon Resources Inc. (ECHELON) is a real estate development firm dedicated to meaningful community redevelopment projects.


Adaptive reuse projects prevent historic community treasures from ending up in landfills.  Keeping such buildings and giving them new uses for future generations preserves a window into the story of a place, and retains a vital part of the character of the community.


ECHELON manages the complete development process including financing, design, vendor selection, and construction management. ECHELON is a key capital investor in most projects, and strives to be a good long-term neighbor in the host community. Regarding the real estate development process, ECHELON:

  • Analyzes site feasibility
  • Conducts proposal due diligence and structures business terms
  • Develops project financial models to recruit financing
  • Structures public/private partnership agreements
  • Assists in securing equity and debt commitments
  • Secures site entitlements and manages project permitting
  • Manages contractor/vendor selection process and manages construction activities
  • Manages the real estate investment process to achieve project investor objectives
  • Prepares fiscal impact statements and negotiates incentives with localities
  • Leverages all public capital sources available/applicable to the project, including Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credits (federal and state), New Market Tax Credits, grants, tax abatement programs, and low-interest loans via local IDAs/EDAs
  • Utilizes other incentive programs including Enterprise Zone funding, Main Street funding, and Industrial Revitalization Grants
  • Structures infrastructure funding strategies including government grants, loans, project revenue bonds, tax-increment and special assessment district financing


Please review some of our our award-winning projects.  Almost all of these projects started with the deteriorated and blighted state of a key community property.  The owner (often the locality itself) had expensive upkeep duties, troublesome abatement liabilities, and a building that was functionally obsolete and burdened with non-code-compliant and failed systems.  There was typically no redevelopment plan, and – even if a concept existed – no funding for the project.  Some documented benefits of these specific projects have included blight abatement, the return of non-revenue-producing assets to the tax rolls, reduction in locality expenditures, and increased revenues for local businesses.


meeting-table-skewIn a consulting role, ECHELON assists redevelopment projects by:

  • Arranging for historic rehabilitation tax credit syndication,
  • Providing economic impact analysis of project outcomes,
  • Brokering public-private partnerships, and
  • Negotiating financial incentives based on fiscal impact data.

With regard to public entities, ECHELON provides policy and fiscal impact analysis. Quantitative evaluation is an important – yet often missing – ingredient in the public approval process. ECHELON is an experienced provider of economic impact models that show costs and benefits of one policy or development option versus another. These analyses have led to better decisions for many economic development initiatives throughout the region. Properly assessing the economic impacts and requirements of a particular project can assist with:

  • Negotiating with other beneficiaries for additional project funding
  • Identifying the proper business terms for the prospect
  • Structuring a calibrated locality incentive package for the prospect
  • Assembling locality support and funding for the business terms of the project
  • Marketing efforts to secure the prospect for the target site

ECHELON seeks projects that have the potential for financial success and also create a positive impact on the surrounding community.  To this end, we evaluate numerous project candidates each year.  Please contact us to suggest a potential project site in your community.